Awesome New Episodes Coming … But I will need your help backing it



Dear fellow Truth seekers and Reality fighters,

I have received an overwhelming response from our viewers to “keep pushing on” but I can’t do this alone — I want to get the last few videos completed, but I’m totally out of money.  I’ve already invested over $26,000 of my time away from work into making this series possible, and so I’m reaching out to you to see what is possible when we all come together!

I’m planning three more videos for this season, and possibly a fourth if there is enough support. These will be the “Season Finale” videos, which will complete the first season of Ask Reality, making a complete set that we can share with our family and loved ones. And YES I will add more seasons if the support is there, it will just get better with each episode and season.

I know the pain out there is real, and these “Faith” related problems are hurting hundreds of thousands of individuals and families. I know we all really need this information available for loved ones. Personally, I have gone through an intense year (2015) and have been stretched very thin. I’m definitely not in a position to finish this without your help, but I’m willing to give this a shot, and hopefully even go full time with Ask Reality if there is enough support. If 2% of the fan base gave $80/mo or 10% of the fan base gave $16/mo (on average), I would be able to do this full time. So here’s your chance to push this out there and make a difference!

Top contributors will be invited to participate in the video production room on Facebook!

Thank you!

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Would you like to make a one time payment?

One time payments can be made out to (via your paypal or Canadian interac banking)

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