American Holiday discovered in The Book of Mormon

American Holiday discovered in The Book of Mormon

Duane and I made a presentation last October discussing our Big Data research on The Book of Mormon, and how it lead us to the discovery of an almost forgotten text by Gilbert J Hunt, The Late War Between the United States and Great Britain. The book was first published in New York in 1816 and appears to have been used as a school textbook. In our analysis, it rose to the top of over 100,000 pre-1830 books, due to having the highest number of rare (& non-biblical) four word phrases connecting it to “The Book of Mormon”.

Since then the work has continued to progress, with a number of new discoveries.

One of the more interesting finds we came across recently while manually looking over the data, was the discovery of an American Holiday likely transmitted from The Late War to The Book of Mormon:

the fourth day of the seventh month, which is the birth day of Columbian Liberty and Independence, (The Late War, 1816)

the fourth day of this seventh month, which is in the tenth year of the reign of the judges. (The Book of Mormon, 1830)

Not only are the two phrases nearly identical, but they also connect the Fourth of July to the beginning of a new form of kingless government that replaces their previous monarchy.

What are your thoughts?

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