Three dates connecting The Book of Mormon and The Late War

correlated_imageA friend recently showed me his research regarding the odd dates found in The Book of Mormon. His research was inspired by the Fourth of July connection along with other strange connections between The Late War and The Book of Mormon. [Edited] Here are the three dates he noticed:


July 4th:
… the fourth day of the seventh month, which is the birth day of Columbian Liberty and Independence, (The Late War, 1816)
… the fourth day of this seventh month, which is in the tenth year of the reign of the judges. (The Book of Mormon, 1830)


July 3rd:
… the third day of the seventh month … spake unto them, … that we be not ensnared … he prepared his army to go against the host of Britain, in battle … (The Late War: Ch. 40:9-16)
… the third day of the seventh month … said unto my men: … that they might catch us in their snare;  … my sons, will ye go against them to battle(The Book of Mormon: Alma 56:42-44)


January 1st:
 pitched their tents (upon the shores) … on the first day of the first month … (The Late War: Ch. 53)
 pitch his tents … by the seashore … on the first morning of the first month … (The Book of Mormon: Alma 51-52)

Note 1: According to my friend’s research the above parallels turned out to be almost insignificant since TLW had so many dates.


Note 2: I am now less certain that The Late War directly influenced The Book of Mormon. Why? In brief, we have found other books. I’ll write about it more in a future post.

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